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OK, I'm jumping on this thread kinda late, but I don't really understand the criticisms of Tre Cool presented thus far. SImple? Yeah, and just about everything else you hear from rock bands on the radio! What do you want him to play? Some Vinnie Colaiuta lick from Joe's Garage? Doesn't work in Green Day, people.

I think Green Day would actually be a challenging band to play for, considering the tempos and intensity of the music. There are tons of fast fills and you have to play them hard, too. Try doing that for a two-hour set!

I have seen footage of certain songs where he rushes the beat, but I'd probably be doing that too if I were playing in front of a packed stadium.

Also, John Dolmayan is a pretty sick drummer. The ultra-quick sixteenth notes on the first song off Toxicity is enough to tell you that.
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