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Default Re: Stewart Copeland

Originally Posted by infernal drummer View Post
Love this guy, fantastic drummer... first time i heard the police i was hooked. bring on the night i think it was. live track.. i love the deepth of HIS octobans live.. why is that his octobans are so deep live, on the new live dvd, and on driven to tears live from france, compared to others octobans?
It may be backline gear...rented from a music store or he may have had more than one set of octabans. One of my friends was a Tama endorsee and he said that it was incredible the amount of gear they used to give him. This is mostly due to the rigors of the road. If you have a snare stand break, you can't really down to the music store at 10:00 pm and get another one while in the middle of a concert.

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