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I like a lot of drummers for many reasons, here are a few of them:

Dennis Chambers, for his power, sound, the choices he makes

Antonio Sanchez, his unique timing, and the independance he has

Brian Blade, his sound and feel

Virgil Donati, his innovating techniques, inventer of new drum sounds and chops that where unthinkable a few years ago (i only like a few songs from planet x)

Horacio Hernandez, his pure playing, the way he looks when he plays (the boy got soul)

And ofcourse my ultimate favorite Dave Weckl

Dave is the only drummer i know that is good at EVERY aspect of the drums there is. I am getting tired of people saying he's too technical or not musical, for those people this music is clearly of a level beyond your understanding! Some say he's boring or unoriginal, well, the fills he makes are the most sophisticated and musical ones out there, he even plays things i have never heard before! How's that for original??

It takes a Virgil Donati to beat him in some techniques, but Dave is way more musical, or a Dennis Chambers to have more 'brute force' power, but all his skills combined makes him the ultimate drummers drummer!
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