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Default Re: The Grand Master Buddy Rich

Some nice/important points to look for (as I understand them) when watching to a Buddy Rich drum solo:

1. Observe the way (as much as how easy) he crosses his arms and execute all kinds of hand and arm movements so smoothly (sometimes they seem supernatural...);

2. Try to apreciate-and-understand Buddy's phrasings (sequences of drum notes and moves); dynamics over the snare drum and his calculated accents;

3. The more complex and admirable things are, sometimes, hidden from the more obvious/explicit observations (again, try to understand his moves, sometimes you just don't take notice, but impossible things are happening right before your eyes, you simply isn't paying the deserved attention);

4. There's always a brilliant sense of time through the solo (even when it seems all-messy, there's always a jazzistic broken time going on);

5. Observe his left-hand movements and try to understand the incredible dynamics of his left-hand alone (quite amazing);

6. Try to understand his constructions and how Buddy used to mix swing, technique, speed and hand/arms movements' control (or coordination), musicality and everything else in favor of a GREAT and memorable drum solo;

7. Pay attention to the pauses that Buddy would usually give to separate his phrasings into "sections" of chosen notes. Possibly the BEST use of silence ever on a drum solo;

8. Understand how his breathing techniques help him to achieve such an accurate hand movement control;

9. Try to see and hear the solos as a composition in the sense that every beat is featured as a violin note would in a real-world musical situation;

10. Try to vislumbrate (as Buddy said himself) his solos as "well told stories": there's a fine and interesting beginning, an exciting mid, and a phenomenal end, when everything reaches "it's top"). Also, in most of his solos, there's a so long sequence of exciting creative moments that not even one second is dispersed by a boring moment. Incredible. Very consistent phrasing quality through the whole solos.

In other words: try to THINK like Buddy in that particular "drummoment".

Just some advices in order to better understand why Buddy was so one-of-a-kind.


Some (and just SOME) brilliant drum solos that I've cautiously chosen follow below:

Have fun!


ps. Post (re)edited.

Thanks, michael drums! You're welcome.

Buddy is an obssession of mine (with good reason). I'm just trying to educate people in order to give them the tools for a better understanding of a masterpiece (what would be of Salvador Dali without some explanations in order to give your own perception the ability to provide to itself a "better and deeper picture" of such a piece of art?). :)

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