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Default Re: I built my own drumset

Thanks everyone. Here are some answers to questions:

- The kit cost me about 1200 total, including hardware and heads. I also had to start over on some things after I made a few rookie mistakes. I learned more from the mistakes than anything else. I definitely think it was cost effective.

- I got the kick resos from Vintage Logos. They were 200 bucks. They are 2-ply heads; so if 2-ply resos are not to your liking, don't get custom ones.

- It took me five months to build. It was a weekend project. Dropping 1200 for a kit all at once can sting. But dropping 1200 over five months and building it yourself makes you appreciate the kit a lot more.

- The coated studio-x are fine. I wanted coated heads to contrast the flat black finish. I think it looks nice. I'm sure there are better heads out there. I really liked the studio-x on my birch kit, but on the maple it leaves a little something to be desired. I don't know what head I need but it needs to have a lower attack volume when tuned low. Is there such a head?

Overall, they sound really good. I'm still playing with the kick tuning. Every time I crank them a little tighter, they sound a little better. The toms resonate for days, which is exactly what I was looking for. The snare is tuned high batter and low reso and sounds just like I wanted it to.

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