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holy moully i'm having a bonham day today!

after messing around with 6/8 blues i was flipping around my CDs randomly and blang! i hit four-sticks. now i know there must be some drummers here who can play it but to me it has always been an everest to climb ... scratch that... an olympus mons. heck even bonzo was exhausted after playing it.
in the past i have listened to that song hundreds of times, tweaking my EQ to try and bring out the drums and really hear what master bonzo is doing. today i just went for it. pulsing the bass in a dynamic way while riding on my floor tom and accenting with my left on the mid tom and just hacking at it with all my heart and gradually i found the pattern. i'm over the moon about this i tells ye! i still haven't added in the rim clicks and the hihat pedalling but those are the ornaments...the bread and butter of the beat is down for the first time. and man is the top of my right leg burning from the effort! but i got it and the funny thing is i still have no idea how to count it or even chart it...i will just have to heart it.

does anyone play this song? does anyone know how to count it?

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