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Default Re: Billy Ward here!

i laughed when i saw your charting system. the one i use is similar but without bar counts (maybe i will need to do this later when i get more diverse work). next to the song title i always write what i call the 'tempo phrase'. its a few memorable words in the song that nail the ideal tempo for the song (usually something from halfway through the chorus) i sing them to myself just before i count in. eg: 'we can stop thinkin' nowowowow...and a 1...2...3...4...' (similar to your advice on page 28).

what became clear to me is that you and i have approached drumming from opposite ends. while you were very technical in your early career i only found out about paradiddles after 4 years of drumming. i had to teach myself by watching MTV and playing to tapes. so for me just keeping up and making music with the song was all i could do to play the drums. now in the past handful of years i'm all into technique to 'catch up'. funny thing is, it hardly shows in my gigs where music comes first. i was practicing triplets between the hands and feet for nearly three years before they started to find a spot in my gigs. and with all the work on paradiddles i only see a diddle now and then in a fill or in a groove when i'm live.

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