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Originally Posted by NUTHA JASON View Post
i might pick your brain if you don't mind.

first question: do you know of any drumming books that are readers rather than manuscripts? recommendations?

second question: i know its hard, but if you had to choose one piece of drumming you have recorded, that most represents your ideals, which would it be (from which album, which song)?

i like your 'fills' section in the book. for me a principle fill is found on the queen 'made in heaven' CD...'too much love will kill you', the fill into the solo. i think it is one of the most superbly recorded fills in history. know which one i'm on about? what would be your favourite/s?

Hi again Nutha!

Kenny Werner wrote a book called "effortless mastery - discovering the musician within"
Amazon should have it somewhere. I got hip to this only recently - it's pretty darned good.

favorite song/performance... this is REALLY dependent upon styles in my case.
I love my track on robbie Robertson's Hold Back the Dawn (from Storyville) and this is a great record for drummers to listen to -
Robbie is obsessed with drummers and always made the drumming a huge part of his two records. but there are others too -= Jim Beard has a record titled "lost at the carnival" and I do a kind of left field-dixieland almost kind of thing on one song there...
For heavier stuff - the ill-fated knack record "serious fun" is full of crazy-muscular drumming...
All in all, so far, I would say my own live duets record (two hands clapping) totally covers where I'm coming from (except for jazz - and that record will be out early next year)
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