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Default John Bonham assignment


First off I would like to say that I do not know if this is the right forum to put this thread in but since it is John Bonham related I thought it should be here in the drummers forum.

Anyway, I am to write a huge asignment for school on the way John Bonham influenced the music of Led Zeppelin. I will do this by analyzing several bars of different Led Zeppelin songs on sheet music. Now here is what I like to ask you guys about. It would be great for me if some of you could give me some examples of drummers that have inspired JB in his playing, for instance, if you can pin point a drummer or even better a track or beat that JB use as inspiration if you could spot a bit of Gene Krupa in his playing on Dazed and Confused etc. Also if you can point out some ways that he has influenced the drumming scene with his beats and style. I know that Beastie Boys has used some of his beats but if you could give me more examples I would truly apreciate it

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