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Default Re: New Mapex Pro-M

Ok folks, thanks for all the great replies! Here's the specs I promised -

Mapex Pro-M Studio in Black Chrome Pearl-

22x18 kick
10x8 tom
12x10 tom
14x11 tom
16x13 tom
14x5.5 snare
12x7 Cherry Black Panther side snare

(I still prefer my 14x6.5 Hammered Phosphor Bronze BP though)

Paiste Signature Cymbals (stolen from my Gretsch)

8" splash
14" heavy hats
16" full crash
18" full crash
18" thin china
20" power crash
22" Dark Energy MK2 ride

Dom - Yes, I still have the Gretsch, but maybe not for too long.

ExportDrummer - yeah, I like the "paint job."

Radeq - EVERY time I see a BP your avatar flashes in my brain (even in the stores)! Good stuff man.

TopCat - Thanks. I'm probably gonna have to sell the Gretsch to pay for the Mapex. I have been inactive for quite some time. I'm working on my thesis in woodworking and the band started to play way too much for me. We actually broke up the day after I tracked the final "ooo's and ahhh's" for the record. Ooops. I had to stop playing with them so I finally decided to take some lessons - what a humbling experience that is!

Thanks again to all for the kind words, I hope to be more active now. I'm sure I'll be spending much more time in the "technique" section here, Lol!

Here's a couple more pics-
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