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This is from a member of the Meshuggah forum

Here's the translated stuff. Kinda rough.. but you get the idea.

Haake: /.../ It's big cymbals...
Dude: You have removed the splash cymbals.
Haake: Yeah, I did dork around with those for a while. I mean... Seriously!
Haake: So I remember that for a while I had it all packed up here. It was nothing but splashes on a long row. Four of 'em hanging like this. Some kind of sandwich design. I don't feel... they don't belong there anymore. I'm not interested in those sounds anymore. Plus, it's hard to get any balance. When you have these large crashes it's hard to get any balance soundwise. It's not really what I'm looking for anymore. I thought it was cool. So now I have some splashes that lie... they're lying safe where they are. They don't have to be afraid of being used anytime soon... I don't think. And the reason why I use so large cymbals is because I kinda like dark long sounds. *pchhh* So it sustains for a while.
Ehm... the only reason for me having such an awfully small thing as an 18" or 19" is because you have to have atleast some cymbal that you can grab/stop. Otherwise I would rather just have 23" all the way. But if you're trying to grab a 22" it just *piiiiiing* ... it makes that sound and then your arm resonates the rest of the week. That's why I have one of these that you can (shows) silence pretty fast. But it's not just because of the sound... it's also so they won't wobble as much. Earlier I had small crash cymbals. Then I would sometimes be forced to "hunt after" the crash. I don't want to thighten them so they sit too tight, but I like them to hang freely like that. But then it can be... they wobble so much... so it's not hanging where it should when you want to hit it. It's much more comfortable with big crashes... they are not super wobbly like that. It's easier to mic those since they're less wobbly. In a studio it easily happens that you have a cymbal that fly around exceptionally much.. and these do that sometimes also. So sometimes it happens that you hear a cymbal go *wischwhshh* ... it sounds like that in the mics. That's not so funny. It depends on how you put up the mics in the studio also. bla bla More questions?
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