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real name; Jesper Varn
age: 30
how long been plays ing: On and off more or less since I've started walking...
origin of user name: Oh, it's my real name. Varn (which is actually spelled with two dots over the "a") litterally means "bombshelter" in Swedish...
top 5 drummers: Oh - toughie. I'll have to get back to you on that - two favorites are Keith Moon and Henrik Dahlquist.
make of drumkit: I have two kits - one digital (ION) and one which is put togheter from drums from olympic, pearl and something else, bought at a garage sale.
make of cymbal: Zildjian.
where do you practice: At the local salvation army corps (church). I used to play at home, but we live in an appartment - thus the digital kit - and now the band I'm playing in uses the local church as the "band practice establishment".
are you in a band/s? Yes - both a rock band and the churches brass band.
covers or originals? Yes. :-)
what style of music? Mostly rock.
favourite take out food? Sushi.
country? Sweden.
one really odd fact about yourself? Well - Me and my 1 year old daugter have been kicked out from the local "parents and children's music class" after showing up in AC/DC-T-shirts and our own percussion stuff since we "scared the other children"...
how did you start drumming? Like many others I started with mums cookery utensils (a fact that has also contributed to my professional career - I am a chef). My dad played drums and bougt me and my twin brother a beat up kit, which we played My twin brother stopped, whereas I continued in various garageband all through school. I have played on and off in various bands since I was about ten, I think.

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