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Default Re: The legendary Steve Gadd.

Originally Posted by marin_zhelezov View Post
GADD is the only drummer I know who doesnt make gymnastics on the set(Look how fast I can! Watch me, I can do 1200 single strokes in a minute!). Those things arent music-where is the music in 1200 strokes.

Why GADD is so good? OK, hear the solo of him, Vinnie and Dave but close your eyes. Dave and Vinnie are pleasant to watch but not to hear. GADD owns the show!!!

MUSIC is for the ears only!

If all people go blind, drummers like Virgil Donati or Assaf will get unemployed, Gadd will be the only one with a job.


that's funny.....i found vinnie to be a great extension of gadd's drumming. if i could sum his style up in 2 influences i would definitely say gadd and tony williams. vinnie will never be short of work.....
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