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Default Re: the "how" thread

Im 15. Started playing two years ago in Novemeber. But I've been told on more than one occasion I'm the equivalent to someone who has been playing for 10.

I practice about 3 hours daily, and have a band (bebop).We play stuff by Charlie Parker, Miles Davis, Sonny Rollins, Stan Getz, Duke Ellington, Dexter Gordon, etc etc...

I also play in the school jazz band because I could use some work on my reading/counting (because I'm mostly a feel player). I took lessons from day one, and I switched teachers about 6 months ago.

I started playing becasue of no spacific drummer. But my granpa plays, and he had taught my dad a few simple things when he was younger, and in the 80's he bought a set at a garage sale so I've always played around a bit, but never seriously until I started lessons.

Along with Jazz I play rock, metal, and emo (No I'm NOT an emo, I just like the music).

Inspirations: Dave Weckl is huge with me. He's the first jazz I ever heard and I'm In love with his playing (even though he's fusion, you get what I mean). Max Roach and Buddy Rich are also great too. Although lately I've been picking up some things from Bill Stewart and Peter Erskine. But I have to owe all of my rock playing to Linkin Park and Trapt and the such.
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