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Default Re: 14 year old drummer who made me weep.

Originally Posted by aahznightsky View Post
Now he has alot of technique, but i wouldn't say he's anywhere near touching Greb's musicality (and Benny still has the upper hand by just a little technique wise)

And i don't hear Eloy doing any grooving like ya see Greb doing. He's just busting out his licks. When a few of my friends and family so him on the dvd, first thing they said was,

"Where's the groove?"
I find it amusing that your family and friends didnt say "This kids got chops, independence, great double bass skills (for any age) and is very, very advanced in his 14 short years of life". They just went straight to "Wheres the groove?" Thats pretty narrow minded. HE'S 14! Its all oppinion, but I would guess he plays better at 14 than 75% of the people on here. Doesnt mean you have to like him. Just like the crap thrown Neil Pearts way. Just give credit where credit is due and stop being jelous.

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