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Originally Posted by murphinelli View Post
Another hot drummer that doesn't seem to have a page in the forum??....

I've been listening to Passage of Time - Joshua Redman for a while. And Greg is hot here. Boy can Joshua pick drummers. Him and Scofield seem to have the drummers right up my alley. I put Greg in a similar camp to Brian Blade, Bill Stewart, and others.

Anyone else following Greg? Any other recommendations from his discography? Thanks.
greg is a great drummer and a great musician. was passage of time the first joshua redman album, the one w/ salt peanuts. you can also check out "look what ive got" w/ betty carter, "its alright to swing" w/ eric reed, of course there's the number of recordings w/ chris mcbride, there's a trio record out w/ ray brown, and the first roy hargrove album (live album) has greg on it. all great recordings.
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