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Anyone that talks crap about this 14 year olds playing is just plain jelous. The indedendence he showed w/his left foot on the block w/the 3-2 clave was amazing. There are pros w/25 plus years of playing, my favorite Gregg Bissontte as well, that may not be able to do that. Groove schmoove. True Im a fan of Bissonette, Steve Smith and Rod Morgenstein. Guys w/chops and great feel and groove. But give the kid a break. Because he is just that. A KID. He showed great "drum solo" chops along w/great independance. If hes not your cup of tea, still give credit where credit is due.
If it was Thomas Lang or Marco Minnimen that did that solo it would have been all the rave. Because it was an unknown, people tear him apart and compare him to people hes not. Hes Eloy. End of story.

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