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Originally Posted by mlehnertz View Post
I'd be interested to see how many "serious, advanced students" would actually understand him. At least understand him to the point of being able to apply what he was telling them to the set.
I guess maybe he need to set some requirements for the students, if he really want to do master classes. Actually I heard that his teacher Alan Dawson had a small test (rudiments, singing aloud some standard songs, etc) to take his private lesson, because Alan was teaching advanced students only. For beginners or basic level students, he introduced another drummer who was his students.
Even so, not all students will be able to understand all Vinnie says. But it's quite normal, because we can see this situation in every level of lesson, from very basic to highly advanced. Or even in a classroom of a high school. No teacher can let all students fully understand what he/she teaches...teachers gotta try to do it, but the reality is that only some students who are more talented will be able to go forward.
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