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Originally Posted by NUTHA JASON View Post

i'm reading this at the moment and i hightly recommend it.

Billy, thanks. i wish there were more books like it on the market. most drumming books have a three page intro
and then 40 pages of manuscript. here's a book i can read in bed, on the bog and in the bus. its one of the reasons i got into drum forums. sometimes i just want to read about drums and drumming rather than need a metronome, sticks and a practice pad to make it worthwhile.
i'm going to try not play cymbals for a whole song this weekend at a i'm just not sure which one of our repertoir i'm going to do this in. perhaps 'lady madonna'. actually this reminds me of a small duo gig a did on a sunday a few months back. i arrived at the gig to discover to my horror that i didn't pack my snare! it was a very low volume gig fortunately so i tried various things ... putting my tambourine on a tom resting on its case between my legs with a towel over both, playing on the case while accenting the hihat on the back beat etc. it was a tough tho very musical gig. sometimes problem solving brings us out of the comfort zone and into the high performance 'listen-or-die' zone.

GREAT Nutha! Exploration in color and tone is a wonderful thing! Thanks for the compliments-
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