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Chad is the man. He has influenced my playing so much.

Nutha said it perfectly! Too many people say that drummers such as Garibaldi etc etc are funk. There's more than one kind of funk, and for what Chad does he is awesome. Deep Hard Funk!

It annoys me so much when people dis him just because he doesn't bust out some amazingly technical rhythm. I'm fed up of hearing such narrow minded people.

Excellent point made by Mapex589 too. Once Jack left the band, things took on a whole new dimension.

You gotta love Chad. I may have said this before (maybe even on this thread), but the Chili's have lost their way now. I think so anyway. I used to think they were the greatest band on earth. Now they have lost the funk and complexity of their songs. They just get John to solo all over the place. But you can't really argue with them, as they have made way too much good music in the past.
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