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Originally Posted by johnhavart View Post
Yes it would be great to find a live version !
PS: It took me a long time to be able to to play the triplets part with the bass drum but now I have to add the hit hat...It's true that it generates some "colours" with the cow bell.
According to Dr. MustardPie on the Presence site, there are two known live recordings of Good Times Bad Times - both audience sourced:

Good Times Bad Times
AUD 1970.09.04 Inglewood, LA Forum - In Communication Breakdown medley. Best source.
AUD 1971.09.23 Tokyo, Budokan Hall - In Whole Lotta Love medley.

I have the LA forum concert. This live version's tempo is a good measure brighter than on the original album and I think because of that and the fact that all that more embellished playing he does in the studio probably doesn't even come off in an arena, he opts for more streamlined, driving playing.

Check out some of the Zep sites (Presence Server, Traders Den) and you should be able to download the torrent. Look for the Zep title "On Blueberry Hill". That's a widely used name for the show since they played "On Blueberry Hill" that day. You'll probably find alot of other stuff that you'll want too. It's addicting. :)

If that's a hassle, I could burn a CD of the show and snail mail it to you (if you don't mind PayPal-ing me for the postage and disc(s) - not to be cheap, but it adds up).

I'm working on playing the studio version too - nowhere near up to tempo yet, but it's progressing. I took the tabs that were out there on the net and added the little things I hear on the recording and I think I have a pretty close paper representation of what he's playing on the track. So far, I've only done the intro and the first verse, though.

The main thing I added in my transcription was his bell pattern variations. He's not just pinging 8ths on the bell - he plays a much more alive, breathing bell. Just because I like Art so much, I see Bonham's verse groove almost like an Art Blakey type thing with some additional bass drum action. In my opinion, it's also not very far at all from Bernard Purdie's 4 bar drum break in Aretha Franklin's "Rock Steady" if you break it down. I practice the two together (Good Times verse groove and Rock Steady drum break) and sometimes I get tongue tied and go into a piece of one while playing the other just because they feel so closely related to me - like cousins or something.

I really don't know what time it was. So I asked them if I could stay a while.

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