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Default Re: My favorite sticks

My very favorite sticks were custom-made for me by my boss, out of Pao Ferro wood. a beautiful, dark, heavy wood. The template was a Zildjian 7A, but they were 2-3 times heavier, with a wonderful, smooth finish, and wore very well, They weren't weight-matched (after all, they were made by a civil engineer on a lathe in his basement!), but that never bothered me. They felt absolutely right in every respect. The only downside was that they left dark brown marks on the drumheads.
Unfortunately, after a couple of months of heavy (for me) hitting, one of them split (my very first broken stick!) ... I'm waiting for my boss to get the 'woodworking bug' again, and make me some more.
The Zildjian 7A's are a perfect fit for me, but I prefer a heavier weight. I tried the 'anti-vibe' version, and liked the feel, but again too light and they didn't wear well ... after just a week they looked like beavers had been at them!
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