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Default Re: Ironwood drum set

Well said DMC. And also, on the comment about our government's conservation laws/etc... they are full on. Unfortunately, a lot of decisions and opinions are made upon incorrect/dated information. Recently research was performed for the government about water usage in realtion to different sources of agriculture, and it was deemed that irrigation is the most water inefficient method of farming. But in reality, it tends to use around 2/3 of the water per tonne of food produced then livestock and also less than dry crops. They used data from the 1970s for the reasearch, and it was still widely accepted across the country. A few governental decisions arose from the data they were provided with which may not be beneficial to the industry, especially as water is becoming more and more scarce and there is less food stored internationally then ever before.
Yes, we're thinking the right things, but not always actually heading there.
However I do know for a fact that Ironwood harvestation is absolutely minimal, and DMC (and everyone else) should have no concerns with his kit or Spirit Drums.

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