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Default Re: Ironwood drum set

Originally Posted by Synthetik View Post
I hope you own a kit made of fiberglass, acrylic, carbon fiber or metal, because if it's wood, YOU are causing environmental damage as well. You could be deforesting parts of Europe or Asia. Shame. Maple, birch, doesn't matter. You could be responsible for developing country sweatshop child labor. Or maybe the wood is taken for economic reasons and ruining animal habitats, and you don't know it because the press isn't there.
Fijibo did ask a fair question, although he seems to have made up his mind before getting more facts, or allowing others to present facts. There have been threads here before about the issue of sustainability in music instrument production.

Every kind of manufacturing produces some waste or damage. Synthetic kits have their own environmental costs, such as toxic waste. Unless people lived in caves and died by the age of 20, society is going to cause some environmental disruption.

The question is, "Is the disruption sustainable?" And also, "Is the resource being put to good use to support the people who live near it?"

Cutting down a 350-year-old ironwood tree could be a terrible thing or a the start of a great thing, depending on how many you cut down, if you replant them, if you use them to create a high-value product vs. cardboard boxes, etc. Creating several pounds of toxic waste making a carbon fiber drum set may not be a problem either, depending on what is done with the waste.

If you buy from someone in the First World, you can be pretty sure the product was made with government regulations about pollution control, resource extraction and wage and fair working conditions. The farther way from the First World you go, the more likely the product was made in a socially and environmentally unsustainable manner.
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