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Originally Posted by finnhiggins View Post
I can totally understand that. I've actually been discussing this exact point today with Jazzgregg, off-forum. I think in general there's only really three kinds of clinics:

1) Clinics given by people who can't speak in public, but try anyway. These usually suck, because while the drummer (or any other musician, for that matter) might have a lot to say they're really unsuccessful at saying it, and any time they spend off the kit is really just time wasted.

2) Clinics given by people who can speak in public, but different audience members are either bored (if they're any good) or completely lost (if they're not) depending on whether the clinic is being pitched at a simplistic or advanced level. These stand the best chance of being any good depending on who you are and what's being pitched, but even then you have to tolerate horrible, horrible Q&A sessions where audience members ask questions that make you want to cry tears of rage at their sheer pointlessness.

3) Clinics given by people who just shut up and play. These are fine in that they don't suffer the problems of the other two kinds of clinic, but generally speaking I'd rather hear most drummers play with a band anyway. It's not like I have trouble hearing drums, and there are very few drummers I can think of that I'd be willing to watch play unaccompanied for hours. And if somebody's just going to play to a backing track I'd rather have the band there anyway.

I can totally understand why Vinnie wouldn't enjoy the environment. He's either going to have to dumb down what he has to say to a stupendous degree (the number of people on the planet who can even figure out what the hell Vinnie is talking about when he gets going on a topic he finds interesting has to be pretty small), talk to 1% of the room about stuff that the other 99% are going to totally miss the point of or play things that he'd rather be playing in a musical situation. Why do it?
Yeah, and probably most of the clinics today are 2), and in a sense it's a kind of publicity tour. But Vinnie doesn't need to do it and doesn't want to do it.
I guess Vinnie will be happy to do "master classes" for serious, advanced students only. Actually he told me he wanted to do it. Or just play music with a band like he did at 2000 Modern Drummer's going to be ok.
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