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Im sorry to have to say this, but I really dont like this kit.

Sure it looks and sounds nice, but ironwood is extremelly rare and I wonder what concequences this drum kit has had on the enviroment. Ironwood is well conserved and there is a limit to how much can be harvested, so has this wood been imported illegially?

Im sorry if I am wrong, and would be happy if you could enlighten me as to how this wood was obtained. Most companies that offer rare woods (pearl, tama etc) have policies that work hand in hand with wood conservationists.

Again, im sorry if im ranting, and im sure that this is a great kit. I just guess im getting old.........
I hope you own a kit made of fiberglass, acrylic, carbon fiber or metal, because if it's wood, YOU are causing environmental damage as well. You could be deforesting parts of Europe or Asia. Shame. Maple, birch, doesn't matter. You could be responsible for developing country sweatshop child labor. Or maybe the wood is taken for economic reasons and ruining animal habitats, and you don't know it because the press isn't there.

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