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Alan Stone
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I'm new to this site and saw the thread develop about Nicko Mcbrain. I was a roadie in one of the early bands he played in. "Chicargo Line" later changed to "The Ax" at about the time Micky, as I knew him, joined. Great bloke, and a great drummer, he helped to make the sound full rather than as previously rather thin.

The band were struggling home after a gigg at the American Airforce base in Hemel Hempstead (I think) and as we left a blizzard started. Getting home was a laugh as the old Thames van the band owned(Tranny LWB were the things of dreams) had at some time worn a sign on the front panel, and when they took it of, they forgot to fill in the screw holes, and we had a dozen streams of blizzard snow ploughing through the front cab freezing our feet and nuts off.

I've caught sight of him on a couple of occasions on TV programmes, but always missed the bulk of the appearances and just caught the end.

He looks exactly like he did when he was 17, speaks the same when I've heard him do interviews, and he is just like he was then. What a great bloke.
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