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Seems like Travis Barker receives many mixed reviews. Well here is my thought i would like to contribute to this discussion... I think Travis is a good technical drummer, as of musicality i think not. His drumming does fit the music, but we tend to forget that what makes a great drummer is to discover new ways of coming up with a beat, its to be an artist... to be creative with it. Now Travis is a good drummer, but he is not great, and could never be compared to a Neil Peart , John Bonham, or Danny Carrey as rock drumming goes. Travis Barker is more of an image rather then a musician, and I dont blame him, because he is makin millions doing what he does ,he gets any freakin girl he wants, and he is also a father, so I think he has many other priorities in life then becoming a better drummer because after all he is good enough for what he wants to do and makes millions doing it and at the end of the day that is what matters.
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