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Originally Posted by DrumMasterDave View Post
Im sorry but he is using double pedals. In the show i saw him with double pedals, he was using his left foot for the bass, and then his right foot for a small 12 inch hi hat control and the other side. But i do know he had broke his foot. I think what i was tryin to get at is he isnt a stranger to them. He can playh them, and im sure if the style asked for it, he could show us all how good he could be at them!
i don't want to argue, but i think you're wrong. which show did you see him play this way? and if possible post a youtube. now i am aware that he played a letterman show (back with blink) and played the bass with his left foot (b/c of a broken foot) and had a little hihat on the right side.. the song they played was "down"

(keep in mind he may of had a "double pedal" on his kit b/c he needed the left foot versitility (broken right foot) but i doubt he was playing a double kick pedal like your thinking)
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