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Oh thank you, mlehnertz! I didn't know about this Vinnie interview! So he actually had a back problem...

As for his comment on Gadd, I guess just he was young :-)
He said "Steve Gadd changed my life" at the American Drummer Achievement Award and told the story about he and Steve Smith riding a bus to NY to hear Gadd playing.
Well, actually Vinnie said the same thing like "Buddy Rich changed my life" at the Buddy Rich Memorial Scholarship Concert, and Vinnie and Steve Smith also riding a bus to NY to hear Tony Williams (they went to hear Herbie's first VSOP concert in 1976).

Or maybe his unfriendliness came from his thought about those clinics. When I talked w/ Vinnie about 2 years ago he told me he didin't like a clinic with a large audience (just like Zildjian Days) because it's more like a show than a clinic. He said he wanted to do a real clinic, with a small group of serious students only. He was even thinking about doing a clinic at high school.
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