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NAME: Gregg Bissonette - Musical Drumming in Different Styles

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Very Eductaional and all -around, really full of insights & practical stuffs that we can be sure to become a better musician. Camera Options: allow us to see him playing above the drums for better visual study...Alternative Edit: 3 band tunes are offered where we can see Gregg's Bass Drum part throughout, Photo Gallery too.

Any Tyes Of Drumers In The World. Gregg explain that a Drummer needs to learn/play and understand the link between different Style of Music to be Creative which will indefintely enhance whatever personal style of playing & prefered music later-on.

Hudson Music

(Indeed Value for Money) ... if you look at the materials provided.. It's a DVD with 2 Disc in a Set and the Duration is 4hrs and 20 minutes. My lessons is USD36 per 45 minutes and that makes this DVD USD208 app for 4hrs 20 minutes ...what more Gregg is my Instructor ....kekekeke


This DVD showcase Gregg's well rounded stylistic approach to drumming....and as the title goes...The main focus is on becomming a more musical drummer (What we have always talk about in DrummerWorld - GROOVE), and at the same time creating and performing the right drum part for the song.

He also discuss in great details on the topics R&B Funk, Heavy Rock & Pop Rock, Afro-Cuban, Background Vocals, Elvin Jones type small-groove swing, Incorporating Rudiments, Beat Displacement, Incorporating Rudiments, Texas Blues Shuffle, Keeping a positive attitude, cool fill ideas, Playing right part for the song, Big Band Drumming & Articulation, Chopping Wood, Song Forms, Odd Times, The Gigging Drummer, Tony Williams type-fast bebop, playing a musical drum solo, warming up & cooling down, auditioning, studio drumming and many others etc.

I admire and like this guy alot - though I have to admit ... before I got this DVD..I don't know how he looks like or who he is...just know that in DrummerWorld ...there are many who says..he is a good drummer. What I love most besides the insighful info is he is a very nice drummer who gave plenty of CREDITS to other Drummers throughout this DVD -It seems he learn alot from his brotherhood of Drummers

There were 10 Stylistic diverse original songs (and he actually explain & show how it's been played), The Songs are

( 1 ) Marbles
Basic Beat with Ghost Notes and Parradiddles, 777-9311 Beat, Double Parradiddle Phrased As Sextuplets With Bass Drum & Snare, Double Parradiddle With Accented Hi-Hats Done most effectively(very very good).Double Paraddle Accenting every other right hand, Double Paradiddle With Hand To Hand Accents, Basic Beat With 16th Note Displacement, Basic Beat With Displaced 16th Note Upbeats On Hi-Hats, Inverted Pariddiddle Displaced By A 16th NOte, Displacement Ideas At Marbles Tempo.

( 2 ) Submarine
Riding Crash Cymbals,Boogaloo Beat On Floor Tom, Submarine Groove, Left Flams,Flam Fills, Flam Fills With Left Hand Accents, Flam With Dotted 8th Note Fills, Right Hand-Right Foot& Left Hand-Left Foot,snd Right Hand-Left Foot...Lefthand-Right Foot

( 3 ) No Hay Parqued
2-3 Son Clave, 2-3 Rhumba Clave, 3-2 Son Clave, 3-2 Rhumba Clave, 2-3 Rhumba Clave With Cascara, 2-3 Clave With Cascara, 2-3 Rhumba With Bass Drum, Bell Pattern, Bell Pattern With 2-3 Jam Block,Pattern With Timbale Roll(using your snare), Groove With Bass Drum Slow, Groove With Cross Sticks, Timale Solo Played Loosely,

( 4 ) Lum Lum
Lum Lum (A) Section, Lum Lum (B) Section,

( 5 ) Noah's Ark
Take 5 Groove, Noah's Ark (A) Section 7/8 Time, Noah's Ark (B) Section 7/8 Time, Manic Depression Groove 3/4 Time, Led Boots Groove 7/8 Time, Noah's Ark 4/4 Groove,5/4 Time 1-2 1-2-3, 5/4 Time 1-2-3 1-2, 7/4 Time 1-2-3-4 1-2-3, 7/4 Time 1-2-3 1-2-3-4, Bar On Nine 1-2-3 1-2-3 1-2-3, Bar On Nine 1-2-3-4-5 1-2-3-4, Bar On Nine 1-2-3-4 1-2-3-4-5

( 6 )Big Band Drumming
8th note Phrase, Long Sound, Fast Tempo Articulation, Big Band Fills, Unison Hands Over Samba Feet, Big Band Articulation, Big Band Medium Swing, Chopping Wood, Bass Drum Before Crash, Big Band "Uptempo Swing",

( 7 ) Train To Willoughby
Train To Willoughby Tom Groove,SEcong Line Groove With Loose Snare, Tom Groove With Tighter Snares, Bo Diddley Type Groove, Chrous Riding Crash Feel

( 8 ) Cloudy Day
Swing Triplet Ride Patterns, Louis Prima BackBeat, Fast Shuffle With Ghost Notes On Snare, Parallel Motion With Both Hands, Fast Shuffle, Dotted 1/4 Note - 8th Note Feel, Shuffle - Pre-empt Snare With Hi-Hat, Shuffle - Up Beat Hi Hat Before Snare, Shout Chorus, Shout Chorus With Ghost Notes In Left Hand And Added HHat (foot), Ruff RRL With Rim Shot, Texas Shuffle With Fill,

( 9 ) Tribute To Tony William
Ride Cymbal - Flat 8th Notes, Gene Krupa "Sing Sing Sing",

( 10 ) Warming Up.

All the above... that I've stipulated are in PDF Files/Format ..... to be printed out for your reference and playing - 60 over pages.

I've learn the most important lesson from Gregg - Be Humble, Learn to Share What We know With Other Fellow Drummers - WE ARE A BROTHERHOOD, A FAMILY OF DRUMMERS ! ... and I know the Joy he had in doing all this. cheers !

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