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I think I know what fill you're talking about. We associate it with Gadd, but HE may have ripped it off from someone but was the first to have it heard on a hit record. Vinnie may have stolen it from someone else as well. Gadd was influencing a lot of people. Musicians rip off everybody. Look at Rush and Tom Sawyer. Every drummer I knew in 1980 was ripping off Neil Peart thinking he came up with those fills. Then you go an listen to John Bonham and hear it played 10 years earlier. Heck, he could have stolen it from someone.

I can understand why he'd say that Gadd wasn't an influence. He really wasn't listening to anything Gadd was playing. He listened to Tony Williams and Elvin Jones and Buddy. They became his influences. Tony Williams was such an influence that he's got the same yellow Gretsch set.

I think part of the problem disassociating Vinnie and Gadd is right from Vinnie's page on this site. "A producer once told Vinnie Colaiuta that if you threw Tony Williams and Steve Gadd into a blender, Vinnie would be the tasteful concoction."

I'm still thinking about the Gadd/Zappa thing. Could he be making fun of studio musicians in general (i.e. Yo Cats)? Or Vinnie wanting to be studio player (clone) LIKE Gadd? I've heard different spins on that.

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The "Gadd was no influence on me" comment seems more than a bit off. I've heard Vinnie do the Gadd fill (you know.. 16th note triplets foot snare snare snare hightom lowtom) a ton, and him and Zappa sorta made fun of Gadd's omnipresence back in the day at the end of Frank's (arguably) most famous album, Joe's Garage.

Maybe Vinnie didn't actively listen to and study Steve, but at the least he definitely did copy some things from him in the beginning of his career.
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