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My drum teacher's favourite: "Jeff plus chops"! The amazing thing about Carlos is I have only ever owned 4 CDs and 1 DVD that feature him, and yet since the day I first heard him he has been, if you'll forgive the fatuous statement, my second favourite drummer. His performance on Dave Grusin and Lee Ritenour Live at the Record Plant was enough for me to realise he was one of the most musical, sensitive, buried-in-the-pocket drummers who had ever been. I come back to this DVD over and over again, many years after I first saw it.

He gained the greatest exposure as James Taylor's drummer, up until his death in 1998, and plays beautifully on the album "Hourglass" and on the double CD James Taylor Live.

Some quotations:

"Carlos was one of those guys who, if we were cutting with a click, never in a million years would you know there was a click track...He could weave around it in such a cool way that if never felt stiff. Where other guys feel metronomic, Carlos felt fluid and musical" - Lee Sklar.

"I marveled at the incredible contrast of his lightness of spirit compared with his thunderous, precise groove. I felt that we could always rely on him to find the pocket. To this day, I marvel at his playing. When we lost Jeff, I took some small solace in that there would always be Carlos. What a fool I was..." - George Massenburg

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