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Default Re: The legendary Steve Gadd.

Originally Posted by marin_zhelezov View Post
OK you are right. But Gadd isnt my favorite drummer, it is just that we are talking about him here. There are many good drummers but some just dont know how to use their brain when playing.

Maybe I shoudn't write bad things about any musucian, I respect their hard work-I am still learning by the best drum teacher in Bulgaria-Nikolai Tonchev.

Cobham was here is Bulgaria one month ago and I was happy to see him play live because much of the methods I am learning from are his.

Hey have you seen Dave's 13 accents? And I do not want to boast mysef but at the moment Wekl is practicing from a paradiddle textbook which I am learning from.

Sorry I didn't mean to insult anyone.

It's ok, Marin. I don't think we were insulted. Just respectfully disagree. Some of us say that being "subjective"(using the words greatest or best ever) shouldn't happen on this forum. I agree and disagree with this but I don't want to get into a LONG discussion about it. It would serve no purpose. In this thread, anyway. But thanks for sharing your story. Take Care and Play On!
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