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A section from his 1987 Modern Drummer interview...

RF: What kind of bad habits?

VC: My left hand is kind of funky.

RF: How so?

VC: The posture of my left hand is not so good. My sitting posture is weird now. I was going through a little changing thing before. It was a period that had to do with my changing the way I approach the drums, and it changed the way I thought about playing.

RF: Attitude?

VC: Oh yeah, it was an attitude - a concept. It made me feel a certain way, and I just wanted to approach the drums from that angle when I played, which is part of the reason I sat so low.

RF: You're speaking in the past tense.

VC: I've raised my seat height.

RF: Why?

VC: First of all, because I was starting to develop some lower-back problems. One night, I made a move while I was playing, and I was frozen still. I screamed out, and it was horrible. So I've been gradually changing it; I'm still changing it, because I want to get better leverage. My right foot feels weird, which I think is partially because it's still healing since I fractured it.

Originally Posted by syoshii View Post
Sitting too low is not good for your knees and lower back. When you sit low and kick the bass drum or high-hat pedal, more reaction force comes over to your knees, your hip bones and your back, and it will hurt them.
If you sit higher, the reaction force will not come up to your knees and back that much.

And I guess it depends on how you play the pedal...I mean heel-up or heel-down. If you play mainly heel-up, higher seat will help you to kick the pedal more easily because you can use the weight of your legs. If you play heel-down, maybe lower seat is more comfortable in kicking the bass drum.
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