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Default Re: Introduce Yourself

real name christian håkonsen
age 21
how long been playing approx. 12
origin of user name funk, t.o.p!
top 5 drummers jeff porcaro, david garibaldi, dave weckl, jarle vespestad, billy ward
make of drumkit yamaha absolute birch noveau and roland
make of cymbal zildjian + a sabian hhx crash
where do you practice home/my appartment
are you in a band/s not at the moment
covers or originals both
what style of music funk, pop, rock/heavy rock, jazz
favourite take out food pizza and chinese
country from norway, studying in sweden
one really odd fact about yourself i went all the way to ireland for a pint of guinness
how did you start drumming after listening to the drumsolo in "the final countdown" by "europe"