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Default *****My Sonor set*****

hello guys!!! i wanna show my set!!! i added a tom and some stuff this last month!!! so i hope you guys like it!!!!

Drums: sonor force
bassD: 22"
snare:13x3" pearl maple piccolo
snare2: 14x5sonor(on the floor)
tom 1: 10"
tom 2: 12"
tom 3: 13"
floor tom: 16"
congas:10", 11"
cowbells: LP rock r rider, LP chacha low
double pedal: Tama iron cobra powerG

hi hat: A quickbeat 14"
ride: A rock ride 20"
left ride: 18"( found it, think is an A series)
crash:A custom 14"
crash:A custom 16"
splash:K custom 8"
slpash:K custom 12"

Toms: top: clear ambassador, bottom: ebony ambassadors.
Snare:top: coated ambassador, bottom:ambassador snare side.
Kick: batter: clear powerstroke3

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