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Default Re: hendrix vs. paige

Originally Posted by Tom B. View Post
Jimi Hendrix was an insame guitarist, but I'll have to go with Page on this one, I think he was the greatest gutarist of all time

One name: John McLaughlin

he had the passion and downright religious intensity of Hendrix, and also the technical ability and virtuosity of about 30 Jimmy Pages on a good night put together, while also knowing how to write and orchestrate a song just as well as JPJ.

Keeping it on topic: Hendrix. He inspires all sorts of emotions. Jimmy doesn't, and his technique doesn't exactly send my brain into convulsions. He's produced some darn good solos, but it seems that as time went (goes) on he became less reliable to the point where there was nothing new or inspiring about ANY of them, and they fall even more flat the more you listen to them.
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