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I thought someone might say that. Actually Page ripped off most of his riffs and claimed them as his own. I'm not slagging Zeppelin off, they're one of my favourite bands, but most of their songs are covers or copies if riffs or modified riffs from other songs. Listen to some Bert Jansch stuff most of their stuff is from him as Page was a huge fan, Blackwater Side by Jansch is exactly the same as Black Mountain Side. The riff from Bon-Y-Aur is dirived from another of Jansch's songs. Also John Paul Jones came up with the majority of Zeppelin's riffs, but he didn't get any credit for it, I'm pretty sure Whole Lotta Love and Dazed and Confused where Jones' even though Dazed and Confused was actually dirived from another song.

Pretty sure they did alot more songs than that no?? To say he ripped off most of his stuff is incorrect. And to say JPJ came up with the majority of riff's (i guess all the ones that were not ripped off) but did not get the credit is unfounded.. How do you know this? Your pretty sure he came up with them? do you know some facts? Dude I can perfectly understand you having an opinion the Hendrix was better but to totally discredit everything Jimmy did is pretty ignorant.
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