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Default Re: hendrix vs. paige

PAGE...its spelt Jimmy Page!

its all a matter of opinion. for me, i dig the psychedelia big style, although i have to say, Zep did the psychedelia quite hardcore as well. Page was well into his Acid and Owsley, just look at stuff like No Quarter, The Rain Song and Dazed and Confused. so i would say that you cant discount Hendrix cause he was psychedelic, as Zep were as well.

plus i favour Mitch Mitchell over Bonham. (please dont throw stuff at me!, i LOVE Bonham, but its something about Mitch....) so therefore its Jimi Hendrix

Jimmy Page was a LEARNED musician, did much session work and was highly sought after in the UK for that. so he was more like a muso of the circuit.

Hendrix was out doing the Chitlin circuit for scraps but absorbing all his blues, R & B stylings from palying with some of the best.

very different backgrounds, and have to say, when the experience first started out in London, Page was in the audience and said he stood motionless for more than half the show.
so the man himself recognized what a legendary player Hendrix was, and they exchanged ideas when they jammed together.
Hendrix's first 2 solo albums are amazing. there is a lot of different genres touched on, and dealt with masterfully.
released in the space of a year (Are You Experienced) and (Axis:Bold As Love),
and as someone already mentioned, hendrix only had 3 and a half years to say his piece.

Page was a lot weirder than Hendrix though, his obsession with Joni Mitchell, the Occult and Charles Manson....very strange, as you will have seen on The Song Remains the Same.
My point here is that Page's solos were often more self-indulgent and therefore, in my opinion, not as good. take for example, Heartbreaker. the middle of the song breaks down to silence and then this, wailing, volcanic solo that is immense, but detracts from the strong rhythmical sense of drive that song has.
dont get me wrong, towards the final months of his life, Hendrix got pretty self-indulgent too, but his playing was more coherent i think.

love Zeppelin, love the Experience. the main reason for that is that both bands feature awesome interplay between guitarist and drummer. and the guitarists and drummers in both bands happen to be of the highest caliber.

at the end of the day, when the guitarists in question are THIS good, it comes down to who resonates with your soul more. in my case its easily Hendrix, but i love listening to Zeppelin as well.

Hendrix - 10
Page - 9
Noel Gallagher - 2.5 :P

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