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Default Re: The legendary Steve Gadd.

Originally Posted by Class A Drummer
OH MAN AM I PISSED! Damn it, im going to to New York on the 24th. Geez that makes me angry. Steve Gadd is my drumming idol.

NICE! What a "Class A" show this'll be! But, what are ya angry about, Class A? Seein' Gadd live is nothin' to get mad about, buddy! I'd love to go, if I could. But I got gigs that week. Hope you go and have a great time. Enjoy...Play on!

Oh, ok...I get it. You're not going to NY until the following week. You'll miss seein' Gadd. Now I know why you're pissed! Yea, I'd be a lttle upset too, Class A. But hopefully you'll see him sometime in the near future. I'm gonna keep my eyes and ears open for a show I can go to, maybe Baltimore, Philly, A.C....We'll see....Play On!
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