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Originally Posted by timebandit
Well, like I said the kit still sits in my friends basement office.He did recently ask me if i wanted it back for the same amount I sold it to him for. $2000. I geuss for sentimental purposes it would be nice to have back. I only had the set for 4 yrs, he's had it for 17. & for 2-g's, I can get ahelluva kit, so for my money I think I'd go new. Besides, I told him if he ever had any seriuos offers to call me befor he sells it.
Wow, timebandit. I can understand goin' new, but I agree, that same price you sold it to him for is really fair. For the sentimental purpose alone, to me, is definitely worth it. Great kit there, man! Thanks for posting this! Cool...Play On!
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