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Originally Posted by spoonracings2k
zep's biggest hits in their earliest years were rips/re-workings of old songs. whole lotta love..... willie dixon. dazed and confused was also a re-worked song from page's yardbird days, i think the song was originally titled i'm confused" or something like that. he also had his whole violin bow routine in those days as well. as for bonzo's drug use..... according to richard cole's biography (zeppelin tour manager) EVERYONE in the band at least dabbled in cocaine..... but page was the only one who used heroin. bonzo's use was erratic, but steady, but as we all know alcohol was his main problem.
Hello spoon. Hey, wouldn't it be better to add facts about the "musical" influence of Bonzo, rather than what "substances" were influencing him? His "body of work" is what's important. Not what was working on his body. Thanks....Play On!
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