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Originally Posted by timebandit
I will have to admit that i also thought that red tama kit from the "signals" tour ( that I seen from the 3rd row) was a superstar kit, as in my avatar, but i stand corrected.To me, Artstar kit allways had those lugs that connected. Maybe it just had Artstar shells with superstar lugs? In 1986, i bought a tama superster mahogony kit, the actual "Neil Peart" model. when the kit showed up, for some reason the 15" bass mnt tom came as a floor tom, and i never did anything about it.Then like an Idiot, I sold one of the bass drums cuz I needed the money. then in 1990 i sold the whole kit to friend so i could buy my now wife, a engagement ring ( what a dumb puss ) anyway the good news is, the set still sits in his basement office, untouched 17 yrs later.
Wow! Great story timebandit. You're not a puss, man! You just found love(besides the drums), that's all! Nothin' wrong with that! But hearing about that set is cool! Is there any way that you can get the set back? Now THAT would be really cool! Thanks....Play on!
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