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I will have to admit that i also thought that red tama kit from the "signals" tour ( that I seen from the 3rd row) was a superstar kit, as in my avatar, but i stand corrected.To me, Artstar kit allways had those lugs that connected. Maybe it just had Artstar shells with superstar lugs? In 1986, i bought a tama superster mahogony kit, the actual "Neil Peart" model. when the kit showed up, for some reason the 15" bass mnt tom came as a floor tom, and i never did anything about it.Then like an Idiot, I sold one of the bass drums cuz I needed the money. then in 1990 i sold the whole kit to friend so i could buy my now wife, a engagement ring ( what a dumb puss ) anyway the good news is, the set still sits in his basement office, untouched 17 yrs later.
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