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Originally Posted by TopCat

Everyone knows that this forum has a great wealth of knowledge, it's recognised by pros and beginners alike as the drum forum on the net. I was wondering whether it would be worth holding some sort of forum members Poll on the best gear and perhaps making a feature on the site.

The categories would be like 'best kit for under $500' etcetc. I would like to think that these results would reduce the amount of 'HI IM NEW HERE, I WANT A NEW KIT BUT I DONT WHAT IS BEST. I LIKE TAMA BUT I DONT KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT THERE DRUMS lol. I WANT TO SPEND ABOUT $300, OK THANKS' type posts.

The only way I can think of it working well would be to have certain members to recieve nominations for each category, who'll then tally and get a top 5 from there which all members can vote on.

I'd quite like something like this on the site, I haven't really thought about it much, so please point any obvious pro's or con's. I apologise if it's already been discussed.

Any opinions?
Excellent idea. To vote on this, I think someone should have posted at least 50 times, so as to show at least some level of knowledge and commitment to understanding drumming discussion.

Instead of/in addition to voting, I think it would be good to have several categories: Low-end sets and mid-level sets and low-end and mid-level cymbals. Anybody looking at a high-end set probably knows their stuff and doesn't need this kind of advice. People who actually use this low-end and mid-level gear could discuss their thoughts, as well as people who had them and then graduated to a high-level or custom set.