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Default AN UPDATE!

Hey guys - it's been almost a month and a half since I posted - sorry about that!

i just did a clinic at the Cascio Interstate Music Store in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Yeah.... I ate a sausage! (but no cheese!) :D
The show had me, Dom Famularo Ignacio Berrera and Virgil Donati. We all played together at the end and it was really fun! Great event.
This marks the last clinic of the year for me! WHEW!!! I really did alot of them this year.

I am also making another instruction DVD - only this one will include kind of a 2 for 1 deal:
a DVD AND a CD 9that is seperate and can be taken away for your car or whatever. The CD is by the Billy Ward Trio - with Barry Coates on guitar and Bill Urmson on bass. It is instrumental... (yeah, you can even say) jazz music. the accompanying DVD will include explanations of each song - and mostly lots of bits about jazz drumming, or "jazzy-ness", and particularly how it has helped me in everything that I play. I am hoping that this turns some people onto what some jazz technique can do for them - EVEN in their heavy metal band!

So now I'm involved in post production of the DVD. It will be out early in '07.

Hope you all are well
yours, in drumming,

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