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Default Re: The "Support" thread...

Great thread Karl. I have to give a hand out to my dear wife who actually loves the whole band thing more than I do sometimes. She loves coming out to the shows and socializing with everyone and having a few drinks. I have been in a few bands were a lot of guys weren't so lucky. She'll never read this, but I have to say...I love you baby!

Also, our sound guy Cameron who has been with us from the beginning. The guy owns a computer networking business here in town and is also the brother in law of our singer. He is an extremely technical individual with an acute attention to detail. We wouldn't sound as good with out him, that's a fact. He stays with us the whole night always walking around the room making adjustments to the board as needed, balancing things out. The guy has pulled us out of a jam a time or two and seems to enjoy being with us even though he is a very busy man and we can't afford to pay him much. Thank you Cameron. Your efforts do not go unoticed.

This is kind of like going to confessionals. I feel really good right now. :)
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