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Default Re: The "Support" thread...

My family support me by letting me still live at home whilst I'm off chasing the smallest of daydreams (I'm *insert number* this year, and I sure as hell wouldn't be able to do what I'm doing now if I'd moved out all those years ago)

The band support me by learning and helping with the technical stuff when we build up and tear down for gigs etc.

I have a friend about an hour away who has his own studio, he comes down and runs the desk for us every now and again.

I also know how difficult it is to record, produce and mix etc. I've learned a lot over the last 10 years about things on the technical side, it can be a very demanding and thankless task, requiring a fine ear for detail and a lot of patience, so hats off to everybody else who does this.

Finally, if it wasn't for my fiance, I wouldn't even be back behind the kit again (not yet anyhow) it was her idea for me to get involved in the band scene again, and for that nudge in the right direction, I will be eternally greatful.
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