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Default Re: The "Support" thread...

My mom has never held a drum stick in her life, but can explain the moeller technique perfectly to anyone. Just from me talking about it so much and showing her new developments or things I come up with. She's super supportive. She's one of those moms that calls EVERYONE "sweetie" or "hun" or "honey". She rules.

Also my number one fan Alina (Neurotica) supports me a heck of a lot. Lately with all the travelling and big things happening in my life and drumming "career" she has been a superb stabalizer for me. She keeps my feet on the ground and my eyes looking forward. She rules.

I've always done the mixing for my own music and for the numerous bands I've played in. It can be a real pain, but its also pretty wild to realize how much of an impact the soundman can have on the sound of the music. I think Karl was right to acknowledge these people. Karl rules.

Everybody here rules.
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